I can tell the same boring dribble of tidbits, facts and data about my background - exhibited here and there, won this and that, blah blah blah - in the end those are meaningless. To me, they have nothing to do with why I created these pieces.

I hope the real reason you're reading this is because you are curious about the person who created the art.

My story is simple: I came into this world as an artist and I will die as an artist. While I usually start a work with a particular idea or theme, my mind is always open to creativity and spontaneity - in fact many of my best pieces were born of mistakes. Mistakes have taught me when to adapt as well as when to stop. Mistakes also keep art - and life - real. I hope that my paintings in some way move you, make you smile, touch your heart or remind you of one of life's grand moments...or maybe you just like it. It's important to me that you, the viewer, can find your own story within my paintings; that way, the experience becomes yours.

All the above helps explain why I call myself an artist - a passionate, creative thinker filled with love, life and foolish dreams. But I'm also just a man, confident in his skills, who knew long ago as a boy what I was meant to be.

So let the work stand on its own - and enjoy the journey and the story it speaks to you.

Mark Pulliam

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