Psycho Bunny

About a year ago I was challenged by a publisher to produce a painting that was a twist on Basquiat. I knew who Jean Michel Basquiat was but I knew very little about his art.

I produced three Basquiat-inspired works for this assignment and during that week I became a great admirer of his art and very intrigued by his life and influences.

He was born just a year after I was – if he was alive today, we’d be pretty much the same age. But our experiences were vastly different.  

When I opened my own studio, I knew I wanted to explore this avenue further – partly because Basquiat fascinated me, and partly because working in this style is just so darn fun.

Psycho Bunny is an homage to Basquiat, but it also reflects my playfulness and sense of humor. I got the inspiration from a shirt I saw at Bloomingdales. I wanted to create a piece that would make people smile but also intrigue them, leave them wondering, “What does he mean by that?”

Maybe it’s all nonsense – maybe I don’t mean anything – or maybe it’s a deep commentary. Either way, it’s fun to look at!

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